My Personal Journey From California to Alabama. This is my testimony.

To the outside person it looked like i had a good life, graduated high school, had a job. I was interviewed by newspapers for my talents in mechanics. Little did they know I had no fulfillment in my life. I was adopted, so I had no sense of belonging most of my childhood. After I graduated that one piece of validation gave way and I lost myself, job, and my family. At this juncture I experienced nothing but helplessness and hopelessness.The streets became my life, my friend and my family. Five long years on the streets rolling with some very hard people, learning some very hard lessons.

  It wasn't until I was in a situation where no matter what I did I could not get free. At that moment my eyes were opened and I saw the way I was living was not a place I wanted to be.

  As a result I literally moved across the nation seeking a new start. Over a two year period I still had to let go of some addictions as well as my pride. I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit which opened one door after another with  different people. I found God and He lead me to a peace of which I can not explain. Was it easy? No; but I never lost hope again.

  The Lord found me in my darkest times and lead me to His light. Messengers Of Christ was there for me when I was ready to make that life altering step..

-Erick Emerson


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