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*Job Placement Depending On Your Background 
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*Social Security Card
*Free Phone Or Tablet 
*Mental Health
*Voting Rights Restored 
*Trade School 
*A Plan From Homelessness To Your Own Home

Know Your Rights

here’s what to do:

If the police interrogate you
-Cops have to read you your rights before they
interrogate you.  You should ask to speak to a lawyer— it will never help you to talk to cops. If you decide to talk to the cops anyway, you can
decide to stop talking at any time and ask for a lawyer—the cops then must stop interrogating you.

If you are in a car:

If cops legally stop you and see something illegal in plain view they can search your car without a warrant. If cops legally stop you they can frisk the driver and search the passenger compartment—they cannot search your trunk. Even if they arrest you—they cannot search your trunk on the scene. But if cops have probable cause that something in your trunk contains illegal contraband or the car is impounded, cops can search the entire car (including the trunk). Never consent to a search of your car even if you have nothing illegal.

If you are stopped by the police:

– Ask if you are free to go. Stay calm, Don’t physically resist or run—you might get shot.
– Try to remember the badge number, name, and physical description of the cop(s) who stopped you. Say as little as possible, and only answer their basic questions(name, address, etc.). Talking to the police will never help you. They can only legally search you if they think you are armed and dangerous. If the police search you: They can only legally search you for weapons, not for drugs. Say loudly, “ do not consent to this search” so that others can hear you.
– Cops may Search you illegally, but your lawyer might be able to get the evidence thrown out if the search was illegal.

If the police arrest you:

– Don’t say ANYTHING—just ask for a lawyer! Don’t talk to the police, speak on videotape, talk to a District Attorney or other inmates about anything that has to do with the crime you have been arrested for. You will be handcuffed, searched, photographed, and fingerprinted

> Do not sign anything!!! Cops are trained to trick you
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