Making a Difference in our Community

What's Happening in Northwoods

Mr. Collier and MOCA assisting our neighborhood youth with jobs.

Glad to aid some young men in our community with their search for jobs!

Mobile Medical and Dental Clinic comes to Northwoods

Glad to work with Mr. Whitlow serving the Northwoods community by providing medical and dental services to those in need.

Northwoods Backpack Giveaway

We gave out over 200 brand new backpacks to  students in North Huntsville for their 2023 school year, preparing them for their new endeavors and pouring the love of Christ into the community.

Northwoods Community Back to School Extravaganza

Messengers of Christ America hosted a Back to School Extravaganza for the Northwoods community. This event was put on to bless the Northwoods community and show love to those who need it. We all had a great time and left prepared for the new school year!

Christmas dinner at Northwoods

Christmas dinner and gifts served at the Northwoods Community. City Councilman Keith offered words of encouragement and Christmas cheer. The Church Without Walls pastor gave a message of hope and Christmas music. Everyone shared in our catered dinner and gifts. We all left spiritual full.

Assisting Veterans

Messengers has been making a difference in our community assisting our Veterans with mental health and emotional stability. Over the past three years we have placed ten veterans in their own apartments. We have assisted with trips to Birmingham, rides to doctor’s office, grocery stores, and family support. Thanks to the generosity of North Alabama, we are able to serve those who served.  



Please call if you would like to be a part of this life saving program.

Huntsville Transition Home

A three to six week program designed to help those that are homeless, getting out of jail or prison, veterians, or probation. Mental health will also be included.  This is a joint venture with both the city and county.

The Huntsville Transition Home will offer job skills, trade school, GED, job placement, drug rehab, assistance with getting off the streets and into a home. We will work with city and county probation officers to make sure all fines and restitution are paid on time.

in need

Thanksgiving Dinner

Messengers of Christ America feeding Thanksgiving dinner in southwest Huntsville off Drake Avenue. We catered over 100 Huntsville resident with assistance from councilman Bill Kling. There are many ways to serve in our beautiful growing community. Please call us today and be a part of something bigger than yourself. “No greater love than this, to give a part of your life to your neighbors. 



May God continue to bless North Alabama and America

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