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I Serve Those Who Serve

We offer help to veterans in need. If a veteran needs a ride to a doctors appointment, we will drive them to their destination. If a veteran is living alone, we will go and provide them company. We will provide people, homeless or not, with their needs. All the proceeds of our t shirts and stickers go to Leave No Veteran Behind.

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Huntsville Transition Home

A three to six week program designed to help those that are homeless, getting out of jail or prison, veterians, or probation. Mental health will also be included.  This is a joint venture with both the city and county.

The Huntsville Transition Home will offer job skills, trade school, GED, job placement, drug rehab, assistance with getting off the streets and into a home. We will work with city and county probation officers to make sure all fines and restitution are paid on time.

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After prison/jail, New Directions

MOCA and other nonprofits in the north Alabama community will offer a new program this coming March.

After prison/ jail, New Directions. This exciting weekly program will be a game changer for those who wants a fresh start. We will offer mental health, group counseling, sponsors, job training and placement. State ID, transportation will also be offered.

 Teach a man to fish and he will eat for life.


Huntsville Detox and Recovery Refferal

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Crisis Services of North Alabama

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Text for 24/7 Prayer: