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Nick H

My name is Nick H and I met Minister Robert at a soup kitchen in Huntsville, Al. The first question he asked was do you want to change your life forever? I thought to myself this guy is crazy or he’s the real deal. Living in a tent in the woods I had nothing to loose. So I decided to give him a test and invited him to my tent set up a few miles away. Minister Collier said sure let’s go and keep in mind I was dirty and had not taken a shower in some time.

Not only did he come into my place in the woods but he sat down on a log and talked with me
listening to every word I said. Four weeks later I was in my own place and three weeks after my own car. He did not make it easy, he just offered me opportunities.
Two years later I have my own business, home, car and most importantly Jesus Christ.

Minister Robert can be hard and demanding but I know and all the guys before and after me it’s all out of love.
Thank You Minister Robert and Messengers of Christ America.

person helped

Jason G

I lost my mom when I was seventeen and went to live with my dad which did not work out very well. I went to live with my grandmother for a while until she decided I needed to grow up. So she took me to the Downtown Rescue Mission and dropped me off. At that point in my life I was
trying to find a reason to live. That’s when I met Minister Robert visiting the mission.

Not really sure how this came about but I found myself telling him my whole life story. Four hours later he never said a word. When I finally finished he said “I hear you and I see you”.
Many weeks later we had a lot of those one sided talks. You was not nice about the things he told me and yet I knew he was right. I went to my grandmother now passed and complained about this guys telling me things I did not want to hear. She said Matt “The water may seem
mudy now but give it time to settle”. She believed Minister Robert had been placed in my life for
a reason.

It’s been six years and I have never been happier. I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior. My
car is paid off I have my own home, investments, and most importantly I want to live.

Thank You Minister Robert and Messengers of Christ America



My name is CP and in my thirty plus years of living nothing has ever happened like this. I was raised by my mom after my dad passed away at nine years old. My mom and I had our ups and
downs, mostly downs. She could not understand or appreciate what a young angry black boy and young man goes through on the streets. I went to prison at the age of twenty for three very long years. I have been in and out of jail five times over the past ten years with no place to call home. With my record, securing an apartment is impossible and finding a good paying job in
this city is also impossible.

I answered an ad by Warriors Work they were looking for movers with or without experience. That’s when I met Minister Robert he interviewed me and I felt I needed to tell him the truth about my pass knowing I probably would not be hired again. Only this time it was different. He
said I am only interested in your past moving experience, not your past transgressions. He said
you can work with us for a while and get your life together and we will help you but I expect you
to move on and do better for yourself on your own. I am proud to report that I have my own successful business and things are going better than I would have ever hoped for.

Minister Robert was the most real, honest, demanding, and loving person I have known. He is quick to let all of us know that God is the center of his life and he wants Christ to be a part of ours. All of us ask Minister Robert what could we do for him and his answer is always the same, ‘Always
strive to be a better man, husband, father, son, and american citizen.
Thank you Minister Robert


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