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Who Knew

Who knew when I headed home every evening I would pass you walking the same way. Week after week, month after month, I passed you walking while on my way home. Who knew this Saturday evening I would go out for dinner at Burger King and there you were walking. This night was different than all the others. The Holy Spirit lead me to pull over and ask if you needed a ride and you said yes. You saw my Burger King bag and asked if I was going to eat the leftovers. I said no and you cannot have then either. I took you back to Burger King and asked you to order everything you wanted. Then we sat in the parking lot and I share Christ with you. I ask you were you were headed each evening and you said to the river bridge, 10 miles away to sleep. I knew then what I had to do feed you and take you to a hotel to sleep and rest, however God had other plans. After searching hotel after hotel there was no rooms available, and yet I knew from the beginning I was to take you home to sleep in my bed with my silk sheets. I woke you up the next morning and took you to church. It was a great service and afterwords we went to lunch, purchased you clothes and comfortable shoes, and said I’ve done all I can do. The rest is up to you. We prayed and then parted ways. Who knew a year and a half later by chance our paths would cross again in a local shopping mall. This young man runs up to me and says I’ve been looking for you for the past year. I did not recognize you and said you were mistaken. But then you reminded me of that Saturday night, Burger King and a place to sleep, church, lunch, clothes, shoes, and then I knew it was you. You hugged me and said” thank you, I excepted Jesus Christ by your example of love and now I am a pastor, married with children, who knew? God did…

- Robert Collier


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